Awesome CCG Code of Conduct

We want everyone to have an Awesome time when gaming with us! All staff, players, spectators, customers, and visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a way that ensures everyone enjoys themselves as much as possible. 

The following are not permitted:

Foul or Abusive Language – Offensive language will not be permitted at any Awesome CCG hosted event. Participants may be expelled from any event, without prizes or refund, at the sole discretion of Awesome CCG staff for any derogatory or vulgar language.

Bullying – All types of bullying, including hazing and derogatory language, comments, or activities will not be tolerated at any level.

Theft – Stealing any property (including the store’s or other patrons’) is not tolerated and will result in a store ban. Theft will also be reported to local law enforcement and sanctioning bodies for related events.

Poor Personal Hygiene – It is not enjoyable when the scent of fellow gamers overtake the room. If an individual hasn’t taken a shower, brushed their teeth, or washed their clothes in a while, we may ask them to freshen up in the restroom (some toiletries provided) or leave and do so before returning. 

Customer Sale of Products – As a business, our continued operation relies on selling products. Customers are not permitted to sell products or services on our premises unless specifically approved by management. This includes the sale of TCG singles. (Trades amongst players is completely acceptable, but they are expected to be fair, especially when trading amongst newer and younger players.)

Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs – Carrying, consuming, or selling alcohol or drugs on premise will result in an immediate ban from the store.

Awesome CCG reserves the right to ask anyone to leave at any time without compensation or prizes and may, at our sole discretion, prohibit individuals from future events should they violate any portion of the Code of Conduct.

The following is expected from all players, customers, spectators and staff:

Awesome CCG offers a wide variety of games and play opportunities enjoyed for their social interactions, complex strategies, entertaining characters, and an overall atmosphere of friendly competition. While we embrace the competitive nature of some games, our ultimate goal is to ensure that every participant, spectator, and customer has fun in a safe and pleasant setting.

Fairness – Games cease to be fun when players break the rules to achieve victory. Taking advantage of inexperienced players, other customers, or Awesome CCG events and venues for personal gain will not be tolerated.

Honesty – Players of any game should strive to act honestly while playing that game.  Additionally, anyone who observes dishonesty or illegal activity must report it immediately to Awesome CCG Staff.

Respect – Players, spectators, customers, staff, and property should be treated with the same respect that players would expect for themselves and their property. Examples of disrespect include (but are not limited to):

  • Distracting an opponent or a judge to gain advantage
  • Promotion of other businesses
  • Theft of personal property

Sportsmanship – Winning or losing with grace is vital to the enjoyment of any game. Demeaning, disrespectful comments or actions before, during, or after a game indicate poor sportsmanship and will not be tolerated.

Learning – Discussing strategies, offering tips, or constructively critiquing game play decisions after a match has been completed helps both participants to become better players.

Teaching – One of the most valuable things a person can provide to the gaming community is teaching a new player how to play and providing other players with a positive experience.

We greatly appreciate your support in our efforts to make Awesome CCG, the communities we serve, and the events we run safe and fun experiences for all.