The following rules apply to all channels on the server. Breaking the rules can result in a variety of disciplinary actions ranging from warnings, to restricted access, to a server-wide ban.

1. No foul, abusive, or inappropriate language. Vulgar, offensive, and sexual language is not allowed. This includes usernames as well as comments to or about other users and game characters.

2. No trolling or toxic behavior. Users are not allowed to engage in behavior deliberately designed to provoke other users simply to antagonize or annoy - disagreements and productive arguments may occur, but we expect them to do so in good faith. Users should also avoid continuously posting negative or pessimistic comments about a particular topic when it does not contribute to a conversation or provide constructive feedback - users may share their opinions, but we expect them to refrain from spamming or derailing channels when doing so.

3. No personal attacks or insults. Users can strongly disagree with other users' opinions, but things should not degrade into name calling. If an individual feels they are being attacked, they should opt to contact a moderator as opposed to escalating the situation. Users should always feel free to ask other users for a source to verify their claims so long as it is done politely.

4. No Spamming. Users are expected to type in complete sentences and paragraphs so as to not spam chat with multiple lines of text. Do not consistently type in all caps. There is no promoting (self or otherwise), advertising, or posting of Discord links without prior moderator approval. No excessive pinging or DMing of other users.

5. Be polite. When presenting feedback or debating topics with either players or staff, users should be constructive and polite. Any personal disagreements should be taken to private messages.

6. Be Cooperative. Users must reasonably cooperate with the discord moderators, especially when the moderators are investigating breaches of rules. Uncooperative behavior, disrespect, and ghosting may result in disciplinary action.

Discord itself has a list of rules each user should familiarize themselves with because they apply to all servers. You can see them here:

If you have questions about any of these rules, please contact a moderator for additional clarification before posting. All rules are subject to change or additions. In the event that a situation occurs that is not covered in the rules, it will be resolved at moderator discretion.