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You Have 3 Minutes to Save the World Mayday! The world’s computer networks are down, and you can only bring them back by entering a secret 12-digit code. But you can’t do it alone—tell the other players what you’re missing to complete your part of the code, then swap to collect the cards you need. But each card can only be passed in one direction, so you’ll need to work together in this frenetic game that requires good communication, strategy, a little luck, and lots of skill . . . and that’s only for the first level.

There are 10 levels in all—they get more and more challenging in this game that is designed to bring people together. Creates togetherness--all players win or lose together as a single team 10 levels of missions get progressively more challenging to solve Contains two sealed card boxes with secret challenges--players crack the seals to reveal them.

An action-packed cooperative game (honest!) that plays in 3 minutes

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