Enchanted Plumes

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In Enchanted Plumes™, players strive to complete magical Peacocks by assembling dazzling plumes in rows from top to bottom, using multiple colors of Feather cards while matching cards of the same color from row to row. Feather cards in the top row of each plume will be counted against your score, so be clever in your card play!  The player with the most valuable plumes wins the game and is bestowed with the luck of the Peacock!


  • A Clever Card Game: Delightful decisions abound as you choose how many plumes to build and strive to complete them before time runs out!
  • Fun To Behold: Players will love the gorgeous artwork by famed artist Echo Chernik as they enjoy playing the game.
  • Peacocks On The GoEnchanted Plumes™ is small and compact… it can travel anywhere!

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