Zombie Labyrinth

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Zombie Labyrinth features unique puzzle-like game board pieces that can be rotated in any direction, allowing the game board to take a different shape each game, so that no two Zombie Labyrinth games are ever the same. During the game, players guide their Zombie around the labyrinth and try to hoard the largest collection of brains along the way!

Each brain disc indicates a brain value, but the brain discs are scattered around the board face down. Only the player that collects the brain disc knows it’s value, and everyone’s brain collections remain hidden. Watch out for the mad scientist, he will steal your brain collection and send your zombie back to the start!

If you think that you have the largest collection of brains, race to the finish. The game ends as soon as any player enters the finish space. The player with the most brain points wins the game.

  • 2-4 players
  • Ages 5+
  • 15+ minute play time

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