Quarriors! Dice Building Game

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Quarriors! the game of uber strategic hexahedron monster combat mayhem! Designed by Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang, Quarriors! is a unique blend of strategy and chance featuring the dice building game mechanic!

Quarriors! uses revolutionary dice building to help you gather the skills and abilities to overtake your enemies and collect their treasures. Quarriors! puts players in the role of a mighty mystical Quarrior with the power to capture dangerous Quarry from the untamed wilds. Players will send their creatures and cast their spells to destroy their opponents’ forces while outmaneuvering their enemies. Acquire Quarry of unimaginable power and defeat the rival monsters while safeguarding your creatures to gain the most glory and be declared the Champion of Empress Quiana!

Game Contents

  • 130 Custom Dice

  • 53 Playing Cards

  • Collectible Tin Box With Sleeve

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 1 Score Track

  • 4 Score Tokens

  • 4 Dice Bags

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