The Magical Tale of Halloween Dust - A Halloween Tradition

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Bravery - is the theme of this magical tale!
  • 32 page picture book
  • 1 pouch of magical Halloween Dust
  • Storage Case
Teach your child the meaning of bravery this Halloween with magical Halloween Dust. 

Just thinking about Halloween can be a little scary. When the holiday occurs, and you're faced with ghosts and goblins and mysterious hands that aren’t connected to arms, it can be much more than scary. This is the situation that 2 small children find themselves. Is it time to face their fears - or run from them? Perhaps with the help from a small pouch filled with sparkling Halloween Dust might chase the ghouls and goblins away. But is the dust really magic - or are they becoming braver just because…Help teach your child what it is to be brave this Halloween. Sprinkle magical Halloween Dust to scare the ghouls and goblins away. 

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