Crime Puzzles - 60-Second Brain Teasers

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Armchair detective the hell out of this puzzle book with the genius crime solving skills you know only you possess. Best-selling mystery novelist Diane Capri tests your crime scene investigation knowledge, your keen sense of logic, and sharp eye for suspicious details. You are the chief crime scene investigator and you've got what it takes to correctly determine the answer to 65 crime stories. Peer over the medical examiner's shoulder as an autopsy is performed, listen carefully to the testimony of a toolmark expert; you will evaluate all of the gory details in front of you until you're sure that you can solve the puzzle. Test your knowledge of DNA analysis, suspect identification, forensic pathology, toxicology, and more. If you're the star investigator you know you are, you'll catch the perpetrator before they can get away with more crimes!

**This book may contain a sharpie mark on the top or bottom edge and may show mild signs of shelf wear.

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