Cardfight!! Vanguard: Stride Deckset - Chronojet (Premium)

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It’s time, for Chronojet Dragon to leap into the Standard Format!

Release Date February 24th, 2023
Featured Nations Dark States
Card Types 19 Types (14 New Cards + 5 Reissue Cards) + Parallels
*The contents of the parallel cards are fixed.
Others 1 Deckset contains:
・1 Pre-constructed Deck (51 Cards + 10 Cards)
・1 Large Storage Box
・1 Special Rubber Playmat
・5 Special Card Loaders
・1 Special Deck Holder
・15 Acrylic Fighter's Coin
・1 Fighter's Coin Custom Sticker Sheet (30 Stickers)
・1 Premium Display Frame



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