Cardfight!! Vanguard: Clan Selection Plus Vol. 1 - Booster Box (12 Packs)

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  • Includes 84 cards (84 RRR) + 13 Parallels (1 ASR, 12 SP).
  • The ASR card features a classic illustration.
  • There are 36 new cards and 48 reprints.
  • Includes support for the Angel Feather, Shadow Paladin, Gold Paladin, Tachikaze, Murakumo, Narukami, Link Joker, Dark Irregulars, Gear Chronicle, Granblue, Megacolony, and Neo Nectar clans.
  • Each clan receives 7 cards (3 new and 4 reprints).
  • Each pack includes 7 cards, and among which there is a guaranteed [Draw] trigger sentinel.
  • Each display includes 12 packs, and in which there is a guaranteed card from each clan.
  • Each display includes a Quick Shield with a random clan symbol.

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