Final Fantasy: 2 Player Starter Deck - Noctis v Ardyn

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Featuring two 50-card preconstructed decks created around the theme of FINAL FANTASY XV, “TWO PLAYER STARTER SET Noctis VS Ardyn” is a starter set that allows two players to jump into a match straight out of the box. The Wind/Earth Noctis deck and the Fire/Lightning Ardyn deck are both designed so that two players can use them to start a match right away, and so that they can even be enjoyed by beginners of FFTCG.

Additionally, each deck includes five different kinds of Starter cards, each with three copies, for a total of 30 Starter cards across the two decks. Of the three copies included for Noctis and Ardyn, respectively, each will include one Premium Full Art card, which is visible through the front of the package.


  • Preconstructed Deck (Noctis): 50 cards
  • Preconstructed Deck (Ardyn): 50 cards
  • Quick Starter Guide: 2

Similar to the previous TWO-PLAYER STARTER SET products, this is a product that is highly recommended not just for FFTCG players, but fans of FINAL FANTASY who may not be familiar with TCGs.

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