Forged: Dice Jail - Serpent Cell

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The dead wizard’s hand still clutched a small, empty ornamental cage. If it was a prison, its occupant was nowhere to be found. But judging from the tiny slashes and bites on the wizard’s body, the creature’s small size masks a lethal ferocity.

The Serpent Cell is the perfect place to keep your favorite dice safe from harm. Or, maybe your precious polyhedral dice haven't been treating you well and need to spend a little time away from the core collection to think about what they've done. Either way, they'll be secure!

Product Details

  • Made of cast resin and hand painted
  • Exterior: H 5.25" x W 4.5" x D 3.25"
  • Interior: H 3.75" x W 2.5" x D 2.25"
  • Hinged door secures magically (read: magnetically) 

*Dice not included.

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