MTG: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms - Set Booster Box (30 Packs)

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• 30 Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (AFR) Set Boosters 
• Best MTG booster for opening packs just for fun 
• At least 1 Showcase card in every pack 
• D&D Monster Stat Block on Art Card in 33% of packs 
• Total of 12 Magic: The Gathering cards per pack 
• Beloved Dungeons & Dragons heroes and monsters have ventured into Magic for the ultimate crossover! 

The Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Set Booster Box contains 30 Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Set Boosters. Each Set Booster contains 12 Magic cards, 1 Art Card (includes a D&D monster stat block on the back in 33% of packs), and 1 token, ad card, or special card from Magic's history (a card from "The List"). Each pack contains a combination of 1–4 Rares or Mythic Rares, 7–10 Uncommons and Commons (maximum of 7 may be Uncommon), and 1 Land card. One non–Art Card and non–Land card of any rarity is a traditional foil. A foil-stamped Signature Art Card replaces the Art Card in 5% of Set Boosters. A card from The List replaces the token or ad card in 25% of Set Boosters.

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