Shadowverse Evolve: Umamusume Pretty Derby Crossover - Booster Pack

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Shadowverse: Evolve (English Edition) Crossover Booster Set Display: Umamusume: Pretty Derby.

Shadowverse: Evolve is a competitive trading card game based on the digital collectible card game Shadowverse. The gameplay closely follows Shadowverse with the inclusion of new mechanics that allow for new ways to play.

Create a deck by combining cards based on your selected class. Summon followers, cast spells, and make use of amulets to defeat your opponents! You win by reducing your opponent’s defense to 0.

Umamusume: Pretty Derby booster set includes 19 follower cards with a hot-stamped signature from one of the 13 members of the cast!

      • Azumi Waki (Special Week)
      • Marika Kohno (Silence Suzuka)
      • Machico (Tokai Teio)
      • Lynn (Maruzensky)
      • Tomoyo Takayanagi (Oguri Cap)
      • Hitomi Ueda (Gold Ship)
      • Chisa Kimura (Daiwa Scarlet)
      • Saori Onishi (Mejiro McQueen)
      • Rika Kinugawa (Narita Brian)
      • Manaka Iwami (Rice Shower)
      • Sumire Uesaka (Agnes Tachyon)
      • Hitomi Ohwada (Smart Falcon)
      • Romi Park (Riko Kashimoto)

Featured Classes:

      • Forestcraft
      • Swordcraft
      • Runecraft
      • Dragoncraft
      • Abysscraft
      • Havencraft
      • Neutral

Product Details:

      • 84 cards + special foils (Rarities: 32 Bronze (B) + 19 Silver (S) + 13 Gold (G) + 20 Legendary (L))
      • Each pack contains 1 G rarity or higher!


8 Random cards per Pack

Each pack contains 1 G rarity or higher

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