Forbidden Lands: Bitter Reach Campaign

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The Bitter Reach is an epic campaign module for the Forbidden Lands roleplaying game, describing the icy wastelands north of Ravenland. 

  • Two new magic disciplines: Elemental Magic and Ice Affinity. 
  • The new Champion profession, along with new profession talents. 
  • Expanded travel rules for snow, cold, and fuel, including no less than 40 new random encounters. 
  • Eight new monsters, including the Frost Dragon, the Ice Giant, and the Wendigo. 
  • The Wake of the Winter King campaign, including eight key players who all seek to dominate the riches hidden under the Bitter Reach. 
  • Ten complete, illustrated adventure sites, playable in almost any order. 
  • An epic campaign finale, giving the adventurers the chance to decide the future of the Bitter Reach.

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